How long does it take to design a logo or interface?

It all depends on the complexity and category of the design.

Can we purchase logos from the gallery or portfolio?

Yes, But that would not be single license use only products.

How much longer will we get the revision or support?

As long as you publish your design and we resolve your issue with word-press full we will offer you full support. But after that you' ll have to pay more for the support.

Do I get charged if I cancel my order?

Yes, if you cancel your order once checked out then we'll charge you with 35% of the total amount.

What if i cannot transfer the amount through bank?

You'll have to contact us through email about the payments.

Do I get any discounts if I am your frequent customer?

Yes, If you buy any 10 amounts of services then every 3 services after that will be 50% off.

Do I have to buy all the 10 services at the same time to get the discount?

No, its not necessary.

How is the company responsible if my delivery is late?

Well its all about the work and availability of the team members and it should be understandable but we'll apologize if ever happen so.

If I buy a service and the work over it is limitless, what will the company do?

We don't offer anything limitless in our shop area. So if you buy any service, there will be some limitations.

what if I need something in urgent and the company is not available for the time, what should i do?

There will be some other option at the time of order. You'll just have to consider talking to the CEO herself through the email provided by mentioning "CEO-SOS" in the subject area.