“Where there is a will, there’s a way”!
That’s how we assume about the solutions of our problems but that’s not a fail. Indeed the saying is so true. There are a lot of options for people seeking help to get rid of any technical issue or any designing ideas. But we always try to find the best for us. Though it’s a hard work to do an R&D on internet like finding our kind of sip in the ocean, so go for the things your heart feels right. We work for your heart and for your business.

Our Skills


Co-operating and management together makes us reach the points.


As long as we are able to deliver, we will grow.


Every business needs a show off. We offer at best price.


A voice is able to reach farther than the paper.

Logo Designing

To get the most responsive and cost-effective custom and pre-designed logos, this should be the place for you. With affordable rates and single license use only features we designs the logos with passion and hard work.

Graphic Solutions

We can make your life easier by providing lots of solutions for any kind of graphical issues.

UI Designs

Interfaces designs from various graphical designers and professional developers will make you sit back and just wait for the final results.

Short Ads

Peta assures its clients to provide the best quality of short ads with your custom logos and content in it. Its all in the same package with 2 months of revisions.